The Start of Something


The Start of Something, Voxtrot- An Austin original

A few reasons why I started this blog:

1)  Summer has left the indelible mark of lethargy upon my creativity.  It’s always the time of year when I think, “I’m off work; I’m going to write a book/volunteer/climb Everest/finally get the balls to punch Rick Perry in the face” and I never end up doing it; I simply eat.  And drink.  A lot.  I am at least getting some sort of intellectual stimulation with my braille course (I’m a teacher, and getting certified to teach students that are visually impaired), but for the most part my brain is atrophying into a puddle of Simpsons quotes and booze.  So I need some sort of creative outlet.

2) There seems to be a dearth of good online guides to Austin. is pretty good, but as with any huge site it can be difficult to navigate.  365 Things to do in Austin, Texas, was a fabulous resource before it became besieged with LivingSocial deals and other nonsense.  Austin needs a simple, no-frills guide to the wonderful eats, drinks, and doings it has to offer.

3) I have good taste.  It’s not my narcissism that leads to it, as that has been destroyed by the heaps of mimosas and Korean BBQ I have been shoving down my gob lately (see #1), it’s just a fact.  I have had many, many, guests to Austin in the past few months.  Most of these have been my mother, but that’s neither here nor there.  I’ve had the opportunity to show men, women, Californians, Texas, Australians, vegans, and dedicated carnivores why I absolutely adore my city.  And they have all (hopefully) come away with some of that appreciation.  Might as well share it with the world.

So, this blog is about the best–and the rest– of Austin.  It will mainly be food, because I love food (and will pepper in some of my own recipes), but will encompass everything great about this town- venues, bars, shopping, etc.  Hopefully it will be informative and interesting and have nice pictures.  Above all else, it should stave off the ennui of summer in Texas… for awhile, at least.

Skyline at twilight, from the view of Amli South Shores


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