Tasty Vegan Noms

Trailers are a huge part of Austin’s foodie culture, and there are plenty of trailers serving vegan options.  However, the main spate of trailers calls East and downtown Austin home, with smatterings of courts on South Congress and South First.  As a Hyde Park resident, it’s difficult for me to get my trailer fix without hopping in the car- a wasteful enterprise when so many delicious eateries are a short amble away.

Enter The Vegan Nom.  One of Austin’s newest trailers, it opened in the revived North Loop district, where Counter Culture used to be.  I had eaten at Counter Culture a few times, but I was never impressed.  For what the food was, the prices were exorbitant.  I was also not a fan of their meat substitutes, although they did serve an amazing vegan mini corn dog during a film screening.  

The Vegan Nom has a less ambitious menu, offering vegan breakfast and lunch tacos.  They also recently expanded the menu to include vegan queso, nachos, and cookies, served out of a small blue trailer with rock music blaring from small speakers.

Sometimes the simplest offerings are the best.  What they make, they make damn well- and, except for the tortillas, which are sourced from Milagro, everything is made in-house (in-trailer?).  Their potato and tofu scramble taco is delicious, and when supplemented with achingly fresh salsa and avocado, it becomes heavenly.  Their tempeh bacon is perfectly cooked, and their avocado reale taco (one of the favorites, I’m told) may burn your mouth if you eat it too fast but is worth it.  The new vegan queso rivals Kerbey Lane’s- a feat for an eatery with such small prep space.

When it first opened about two months ago, I got the impression they were still sorting out the kinks, as service was achingly slow.  It has sped up as of late, and you can call in orders ahead of time to pick up.  Their hours are perfect for grabbing some tacos on the way to work- and the prices can’t be beat ($2 for a breakfast taco, $4 for a lunch taco, $0.50-$1 for add-ons like vegan cheese, avocado, and black beans).  All in all, if you can suffer the heat under the umbrellas, sitting at the copper wiring spools that serve as tables (a funky touch), The Vegan Nom is definitely one to try, for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.  You can also grab some drinks at the gas station next door to cool your hot but happy palate.


The Vegan Nom


Hours: Tues-Sun, 7:00am-3:00pm (and now open on Thurs-Sat for dinner)

Location 120 East North Loop-B, Austin, Texas 78751

Just a reminder: Austin Girl Eats does not accept money or noms for any reviews.  All reviews are solely my opinion and not influenced in any way by incentives or meaningful looks from food merchants.  Not that my word is powerful enough to warrant that… yet…


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