Mmmm… sno cone…


In the unassuming north airport district, tucked in between a low-end convenience store and ramshackle apartments, sits a hidden jewel in the Austin sno-cone scene.

Normally anytime the sno-cone is brought up to an Austinite, they will immediately regale you with tales of Sno Beach, the burgeoning franchise with favorable locations on Barton Springs Road and North Campus.  The servers are cute girls, it’s cheap, it’s good.

No complaints there, although I think it’s overrated, particularly when compared to the heavenly manna that is Casey’s Famous New Orleans Snowball.  In the little wooden house, behind the wooden sign advertising to angry drivers on Airport Blvd, deliciousness is served in about a hundred different flavors… and then there’s the cream.

There’s a reason on hot summer days the line for Casey’s stretches around the side to the dirt parking lot.  And it may have something to do with their cream flavors.

The ambitious (and delicious) menu

I sadly had to give up the cream flavors when I gave up dairy.  And many sno-cone places have cream as a topping.  But these flavors are different; they do have cream you can add on top of any flavor, but the cream flavors (like chocolate, dreamsicle, egg nog, and boston cream pie, among others) are smooth, creamy, and a delicious mouthgasm for those who don’t mind the extra calories.

Heaven in a styrofoam cup

Casey’s has juice balls, made with fresh juice, sugar-free flavors, and regular flavors in addition to the cream flavors.  They hollow out two paths in the ice going to the bottom of the cup, and they are extremely generous with the syrup.  The workers are extremely friendly, the cones are cheap, the location is great, and there’s no better way (gastronomically speaking) to beat the heat.

Jen enjoys her first Casey’s Snowball

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Summer hours: 7 days a week/12-9pm

808 East 51st Street  Austin, TX 78751
(512) 345-2999

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